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We have listed the most frequently asked questions regarding visa on arrival below., However, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us bellow or post your Questions & Answers! You will receive an answer shortly.

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Q: Vietnam visa for Indian ? | View Answers
My boyfriend who holds an Indian passport wants to visit vietnam for some months. We wonder if there is any other option snd if you provide any services for getting the arrival visa without these requirements? (Asked by Hieu Pham)

Q: Do I need to have a return flight to apply for Vietnam visa ? | View Answers
I have a one way ticket purchased for the 6th of September 2013, London-Hanoi, and I am now trying to apply for the online Vietnam visa, however,I am unsure about what to put for the date of exit as I do not have a flight booked from Vietnam to another country? (Asked by Sondra Lynn)

Q: Vietnam visa stamping Fee ? | View Answers
I am travelling from Australia and will have Australian dollars and VND to pay the stamping fee. Is it possible to pay in these currencies? I do not plan to have US $. (Asked by Peter Matthew)

Q: How do I obtain a temporary residence in Vietnam ? | View Answers
Shall be granted to foreigners on temporary residence in Vietnam for other purposes, and how long is it for and is it renewable? (Asked by Ted Ralph)

Q: Change city in Vietnam visa application form ? | View Answers
I have applied Vietnam visa for city Hanoi and also already paid but need to change for Ho Chi Minh city.. What should I have to do to change? (Asked by Bernal Schneider)

Q: Changing Vietnam Visa? | View Answers
Is it possible to change the single entry visa for Vietnam into a multiple entry one? (Asked by Boskovic Kuzmanic)

Q: Vietnam Visa restrictions? | View Answers
I am arranging a trip for a group of people from New Zealand to Vietnam. One person was drink driving about 5 years ago. This is their only offense. Would this effect their entry into Vietnam? (Asked by DiAnne Joyce Beesch)

Q: Vietnam Visa Transit | View Answers
We are arriving by cruise ship at Nha Trang. Could we apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival. We will be spending a few hours at the port before sailing on. (Asked by Lisa Hellien)

Q: Application at embassy: hours /documents needed? | View Answers
I arrive in Vietnam by bus and would like to apply for a visa. Which hours is your Pretoria embassy open for applications? What documents do I need to bring with? Price?

Q: AIf I am going in a cruise to Vietnam do I need a visa for Vietnam? | View Answers
I am taking a cruise (royal caribbean cruiseline) to Asia and we are going to stop one day in vietnam. I would like to know if i need a Vietnam visa?

Q: Do we need single or multiple entries visa for Vietnam? | View Answers
We’ll make a cruise. First stop in Vietnam is Ho Chi Min City /erriving from Singapore/, the second is Hanoi. Then leave Vietnam to Hong Kong. Do we need single or multiple entries visa for Vietnam? Thanks

Q: When do I sign the Vietnam Visa Application forms? | View Answers
Do I sign them at the office when getting my passport stamped. Or before I leave Australia for Vietnam?

Q: How to proceed Vietnam visa if we want to enter Vietnam over land? | View Answers
We want to travel form Cambodia to Vietnam so we will not enter Vietnam via any airport. Therefor the VIetnam Visa on Arrival service doen’t suit our needs. My Question to You is: How to get a Visa for Vietnam if we want to enter Vietnam via land?

Q: Multiple entry visa for Vietnam or not? | View Answers
Hi, I am flying in to HCMC and then taking a bus through Cambodia and into Thailand. I plan to fly from Bangkok back to Ho Chi Minh to catch my flight home. Will this really count as multiple entry visa to Vietnam? I will not be leaving the airport, so it seems like maybe I could bypass these extra fees. These flights are separate, by the way, through different airlines, so I would need to check in again after arriving in HCMC.

Q: Do i need a vietnam visa?  | View Answers
I’m travelling to Vietnam in December for 5 weeks and i am also going to Cambodia and Thailand. We are planning on going to Halong bay and Phu Quoc too. Will we need a visa?

Q: Vietnam Visa for a Canadian | View Answers
Why am paying in US dollars in applying for Vietnam visa on arrival ? Kate Biros,

Q: Information for applying vietnam visa ? | View Answers
I would like to ask for your requirements in applying for a visa and what documents do you need. thank you. Regila Barte,

Q: How manny day to get ouer visa in the hague? | View Answers
We want to get our visa for vietnam fore a periode in januari fore 21 days and get that in Den Haag is that possible to do that in one day at the consulate of Vienam

Q: Does this visa apply in Thailand? | View Answers
I am entering vietnam via thailand and will have to spend the night in thailand before my connecting flight the next morning. Is this permitted?

Q: Vietnam business visa for more over 3 months | View Answers
I would like to register a Vietnam business visa of more over 3 months for Australian. Can i do it? and How?

Q: Bangladesh Foreigns would like to apply visa to Vietnam from Malaysia | View Answers
I’m Bangladesh and i’m holding work permit at Malaysia. My Company would like to arrange me to visit our vietnam Factory which locate at Hanoi. Can i apply the Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy on Malaysia? What the documents need?

Q: Regarding my expired date of passport | View Answers
Hi, my name enira.i’m malaysian. I want to ask regarding my expiring date of my passport on 26 May 2013. is it problem when i enter vietnam on 18 nov-22 nov 2012? need your answer as soon as possible. Enira

Q: Layover in Hanoi; Visa requirements for overnight in hotel | View Answers
My husband and I are traveling from the US to Laos and have a layover in Hanoi. We have made reservations to stay overnight in Hanoi at a hotel. Do we need a visa?